Welcome to Peak Chiropractic

Stephanie L.

I started coming to see Dr. LaDue because I was having significant lower back pain that would cause excruciating pain throughout the day. I had been seeing another chiropractor off and on previously, and knew that I had a negative curvature in my neck. Dr. LaDue and his team far surpassed my expectations! Not only has my lower back pain completely gone away, but my neck curvature has improved over 50% in just 3 months! The thing that makes Dr. LaDue stand out from other places is that he targets the WHOLE person, not just the adjustment. They teach you how to eat right, exercise, and take on a holistic lifestyle. I am forever thankful for the incredible work and tremendous impact Dr. LaDue and his team have on so many!

E.J. M

I was diagnosed with Lung Disease almost 30 years ago… and I have spent my lifetime suffering with Asthma, Allergies, respiratory infections, hypothyroidism, and even a bout of cervical cancer years ago! After spending the greater part of the last 3 years in bed sick, and on constant steroids and antibiotics, I HAD GIVEN UP! Meeting Dr. LaDue was a relief… more like a miracle! For the first time, someone told me that I don’t have to live in misery anymore. That I was created to be WELL! I started getting adjusted three times a week, eliminating gluten and sugar from my diet. Within only a few days, my sense of smell was returning, my breathing was easier, and my energy level was back up. I can’t believe it took me 37 years to have hope! Thank you Dr. LaDue!

Christian B.

My wife and I cannot say enough great things about this practice. Not only is the staff friendly and knowledgeable, they also have the hearts of healers. They truly care about our success and go to great lengths to ensure that we receive every tool we need to reach our goals. My wife and I originally came in with back pain. After only a few sessions, our pain was gone! However, the true testimony of the success of his practice is observed not only in ourselves but the people we have come to know who are also in search of health. It is awe-inspiring to watch as people, with their array of ailments, walk out of these doors with smiles on their faces because of the level of care and compassion they received. It is our wish that not only do we continue to see the growth of our peers, but also that the staff achieves their goal of reaching everyone who is far from health and in need of hope! Thank you, you rock!

Jennie S.

I came to PEAK after meeting Dr. Ken at a “Lipstick Luncheon.” Never seeing a Chiropractor before, I didn’t know what to expect. After my treatment plan was determined and started, I couldn’t believe how good I was starting to feel! Not only focusing on my spine, but my whole body, has been great! I believe that’s why I had such a manageable pregnancy for my hips and back. Now my husband is working on his own treatment plan, and even our newborn is being adjusted! We are working on making the whole family healthy, all thanks to PEAK!!

Rhonda W.

I began treatment and in a short amount of time, my blood pressure has dropped below 120, I’ve lost 8lbs, I’m no longer dependent on medicine, I’ve seen an increase in energy and mobility. Many improvements, thanks to Dr. LaDue in just under 5 months! Caring Dr. and staff always helps with support to be faithful to my health and my treatment as a patient.

Denise L.

Our son was born fussy. After many visits to various specialists, we found ourselves at LaDue Family practice. Our son is now 3 ½ and after his initial thermography scan it showed inflammation over his entire spine. He had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Dr. LaDue verified his nervous system was overwhelmed. We’ve been coming now for 2 months and our son is much calmer and happier. He loves coming and has said it’s his favorite place. I wish I had known to have his spine checked as soon as he was born. If we had started sooner, it would have saved a lot of misunderstanding about our sons’ behavior. Thank you, LaDue Family practice!

Alejandro G.

I used to have constant headaches daily for the last 2 years. I went to a doctor and was medicated with a strong analgesic drug that I would have to take indefinitely to help relieve my pain. After lots of tests and consultations, Dr. Ken focused on my symptoms. I was worried about the side effects of taking these kinds of pills daily for long periods of time. One day I stopped to give my body a rest, and unfortunately the headaches started just a few days later. I had tried alternatives to drugs such as acupuncture, but they did not work. Dr. LaDue was able to find the cause of my headache symptoms. Once again I decided to stop the medication, and the improvements I had thanks to Dr. LaDue’s adjustments seem to be gone. Thanks to the corrections with my spine, the affected systems that were causing the headaches are now working properly. I thank Dr. LaDue for helping me and giving me the tools to improve my health!

William C.

A near lifetime of back pain lead me here, as well as a Facebook deal. It was time to take action. Entering my 30’s, all health ailments seemed to hit all at once and when they began to affect my work and life, I began my search for the right practice. So far, this has been my best decision in a long time. Results have been very noticeable; better sleep, more movement and more energy. Every experience in office has been educational and a step forward towards my health. Thank you Dr. Ken!

Robin V.

I can’t tell you what a blessing it has been to have found Dr. Ken and PEAK! In April of 2013, I was diagnosed with MS, a degenerative neurologic disease, by two neurologists. After much study on treatment options, I decided to do so naturally using Chiropractic and sound nutrition principles. I sought the very best Chiropractic care I could find, and I found Dr. Ken. I believe it is extraordinarily important to maintain the health of my nervous system by keeping it impingement free with weekly adjustments. In addition, PEAK focuses on nutrition. What you put into your body every day is responsible for its energy, repair and regeneration. Dr. Ken and his staff are passionate about teaching their patients how to eat correctly and supplement when necessary. I am happy to say that I am symptom free whenever I follow the plan. I’m so grateful to PEAK and would recommend Dr. Ken not only to anyone with an autoimmune disease, but anyone who wants to live a healthy life to old age!

Anne A.

I have been a faithful patient of Dr. LaDue’s for several years. My goals with him were elimination of my neck pain and to maximize my body’s ability to heal itself. As a breast cancer patient at Duke, I needed all interventions possible to be well. I was not responding well to drugs I was told I needed. Through these years, my neck has improved dramatically, and I am now a five-year cancer survivor. My immune system has improved and a couple of times when I did become ill, Dr. Ken was able to lessen my symptoms and promote healing. Additionally, I was diagnosed many years ago with hypothyroidism. This past year my physician had to lower the dose of Synthroid I had been on because I was getting “too much” medication. Surprisingly, the Thyroid is the exact area Dr. LaDue focuses my adjustments on my neck. I am so blessed to be a part of Dr. LaDue's family. Thank you to Dr. LaDue and his wonderful staff!!